Monday, June 11, 2012

Craigslist Notification for Android

One of my favorite apps on my ASUS Transformer tablet and Galaxy Nexus phone is Craigslist Notification. I use this app all the time. Surfing the web can get old but not Craigslist. You can buy everything and anything on Craigslist from car parts to crafts to clothes. I find myself browsing the items for sale as a source of entertainment.

Craigslist, like any webpage, looks great on the tablet but browsing the internet using a phone can be challenging if the webpage isn't setup for mobile phones. However, Craigslist Notification displays the listing on my phone perfectly; both text and images. Viewing the listings is easy too. Craigslist Notification has a cool scrolling feature that allows the user to browse from one listing to another quickly. When you find a listing you like, click the star button at the bottom to add to favorites.

The best feature is the saved searches. You can setup frequently used searches to repeatedly search for similar listings. Since you save the searches, you can make the search formulas very complex using symbols such as "|" as OR, "+" as AND, and "()" to group search phrases. I have one search setup to find Jeep listings that contain CJ7, CJ-7, or Wrangler. This saved search looks like "cj-7 | cj7 | wrangler". Another saved search that I use to look for a specific diesel engine or parts. My saved search for a Cummins 4BT 4 cylinder diesel engine looks like "4bt | (4 + bt) | (4 + cyl + diesel)". You'll need to experiment to find the best results.

My biggest and best find on Craigslist was a Bear Whitetail compound bow. It turns out the seller actually worked at the same manufacturing plant that I worked at. The seller was great. He spent time with me showing me the bow, other bows in his collection, and how he maintained it. However, please use caution when performing transactions on Craigslist. A couple other bows were sold by people is areas of town that I wasn't familiar. I recommend using public places with people around to be safe and take a buddy. That said, I've sold stuff on Craigslist (tools, a pop-up camper, etc) and met buyers at my house. If you choose to do this, ask questions over the phone (in addition to email) to see who you will have arriving at your home. And always have the item staged in front of the house or in the garage. The best advice is use your instincts and common sense.

Download Craigslist Notification from Google Play for free and start searching. It's like having a 24x7 garage sale in your hands.

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